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Our Mission:


Pinal County Master Gardeners will provide the public with research based home horticultural information through educational programs and projects.


Our Story:

The University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center strives to be at the forefront of disciplinary field investigations, develop, deliver and service the best appropriate integrated agricultural technologies for all problems faced by Arizona consumers and producers, and to provide assistance to all scientists conducting their research and educational outreach programs. MAC not only provides the facilities and support for extension outreach programs, but also provides support and facilities for teaching University classes for and Ag-Literacy to all age groups.


The MAC is a 2200 acre farm having its main focus on cotton, small grains, alfalfa, and new specialty crops that could be used to provide fibers, oils, pharmaceuticals, etc. The research projects are related to irrigation and crop water requirements, soils and crop fertility, insects and pest management, cotton production and breeding, new crops and their uses, weed control plant diseases, and urban entomology. The extension outreach programs are designed to use the latest research findings by presenting them to all using the latest forms of communication.


The City of Maricopa Master Gardener program is based at the MAC and is under direct supervision of the Pinal County Extension Agent Mr. Rick Gibson. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers working with the University of Arizona to provide the public with information on environmentally responsible gardening and landscaping. One of the many ways they assist the County Agent is by creating and maintaining a demonstration garden and orchard which showcase new plants and trees, new planting methods, grafting, composting, and new irrigation methods.


What is a Master Gardener?


An individual who completes a University of Arizona, County Cooperative Extension specialized course in gardening in the low desert. This person then provides educational leadership to the community in home gardening and landscaping. The Master Gardeners help the Cooperative Extension in fulfilling the educational outreach mission by:

  • Staffing plant question phone lines

  • Giving talks to local groups

  • Introducing children to gardening

  • Presenting information at garden and trade shows

  • Organizing educational programs and conferences

  • Creating and maintaining demonstration gardens which showcase new plants, new planting methods, composting, and new irrigation methods.


Why become a Master Gardener Volunteer?


As a Master Gardener you can help to educate and advise home gardeners in your community. Many newcomers and inexperienced gardeners in Arizona are in great need of gardening advice. Our informative training will give you the skills needed to diagnose plant problems and give you the confidence to share your expertise with others. You will have the opportunity to work with schoolchildren, teachers, seniors, community gardeners and homeowners. You can develop public speaking skills or learn to use computers and other technologies. Being a Master Gardener volunteer is fun, interesting and rewarding.




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